Tamakwa Custom Huron Canoe
Tamakwa Custom Huron Canoe

Tamakwa Custom Huron Canoe

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Custom painted in traditional Tamakwa style in black with a white stripe and Tamakwa logo.

The Huron sports a reinforced (1/2 ribbed) interior and a wide beam for exceptional stability. For recreational paddling on water ranging from flat to rough lake conditions. The capacity of the Huron also lends itself to to extended tripping for two adults or weekend excursions for a small family.

Built by Langford Canoe

Length: 15' 10"

Depth: 12" / 13 1/2"

Capacity: 690 lbs

Beam 37" / 34"

Weight: 59 lbs.

Rocker 1 1/2"

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a custom built order and will take 10-12 weeks for delivery. Also, shipping will be calculated at the time of delivery.